Time for a change

This restlessness began in 2010. To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and Alan’s retirement from his Ohio school teaching career, we embarked on a month-long adventure to the West. Besides visiting with family in Colorado and New Mexico, we enjoyed time spent in many national parks, such as Zion, Great Sand Dunes, El Malpais, and the Petrified Forest. The highlight of our trip was a 4-day, rim to rim backpacking hike at the Grand Canyon. We lived out of our Ford Windstar Minivan, tent camping along the way. Our kids referred to us as “gypsies, nomads, vagabonds, and hobos.” In a sense, we were. But we really didn’t mind.

We returned home to Ohio to a very empty house, with too many rooms full of too much stuff, too much lawn to care for, too much quiet, and not enough wild scenery. Our 5 sons were scattered to the far corners of the country, so not much chance of seeing them except for the occasional holiday visit. It was time for a change.

Reading about full-time rv-ing really piqued our interest. By joining the ranks of nomads, we could be free of all the house and lawn maintenance that was preventing us from exploring and seeing our kids. We asked ourselves countless times, “Could we do it?” We were in pretty good health, my folks were still independent and not needing me yet, we passed all the “Can you get along with your spouse in a tiny living space?” quizzes,….things starting falling into place. We quickly found a fifth-wheel and a truck. Our house sold in just a few months. All our possessions found good homes. We began saying our good-byes. When you live in one community for almost 30 years, you put down a lot of roots. Many hugs and tears later, we pulled out of our driveway on August 16, 2015 and began heading west.




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