Grand Teton, cont.

We had an early, early wake up call because I wanted to catch the sunrise as it lit up the mountains.  Thanks to one of the rangers who pinpointed on a map where all the best “Ansel Adams” photo spots were, we had a plan.  Armed with my camera, LOTS of warm clothes, a thermos of hot coffee, and some breakfast Clif bars, we left the campground at o’dark thirty.  After reaching the best viewing area, I was torn between capturing the moment on camera and just experiencing the miracle of a new day.  Sometimes, I believe, we can get so caught up in “recording” an event, we don’t get to live in the moment and unfortunately, we end up missing the very event we were so frantic to record.

Looking east toward Mr. Sun
and looking west toward the Teton range





We moved on down the road to the Lower Schwabacher Landing, the iconic Ansel Adams view.


The Lower Schwabacher Landing area
A cold, but happy Connie

We thoroughly enjoyed our time here.  It was a much slower paced park, more our speed.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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