Yellowstone National Park-Day Three


No trip to Yellowstone would be complete without waiting for Old Faithful to spout off.  And it didn’t disappoint!  What a show!

Following our son’s advice, we left Old Faithful and traveled north to the Grand Prismatic Spring.  He told us, in his opinion, if you could only see one attraction at Yellowstone, see the Grand Prismatic Spring.  We are glad we listened to him!  What a marvelous wonder!  We had never seen anything like this.  It is the largest hot spring in the United States, third largest in the world with a diameter of 370 feet, a depth of 121 feet and at 160 degrees, you’d be wise to stay on the boardwalks!  What is most dramatic is the color.  Tiny micro-organisms give the spring its hue which changes with the seasons.

Following the main loop road around the park, we were able to see fire damage.  It looks so devastating, but when you realize that fire can be a good, life-giving event in the life of a forest, you can begin to understand its necessity.  Certain pine cones cannot open up and release their seeds unless heated with fire; thick undergrowth can become a fire hazard and needs to be cleared out; and fire enriches the soil with nitrogen which encourages plant growth.

but how quickly the forest recovers
fire devastation

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