Yellowstone National Park-Day Two

We got up pretty early and headed into Yellowstone with the RV in tow.  We had reservations at the full hook-up campground at Fishing Bridge.  It was expensive, over $50 a night, but since the temperature was going below freezing, we thought we needed electric.  Let me say, that we love, love, love our national parks.  But campgrounds within the parks that are leased out to concessionaires are not our favorites.  The Fishing Bridge campground has everyone packed in like sardines (pun intended!).  If we ever go back, we will NOT stay at Fishing Bridge.  Enough said!

We spent this day exploring areas between Canyon Village and Yellowstone Lake.  First stop was the Black Dragon’s Caldron and Mud Volcano.  Fascinating, but STINKY!  Yellowstone NP has many convenient pull off areas and parking lots by main attractions.


Black Dragon’s Caldron–wish you could see it bubbling and boiling


Mud Volcano
Miles of steaming, bubbling areas of hot springs off the Yellowstone River

We also stopped at Tower Falls and enjoyed a short hike to the viewing area.


But the highlight of the day was the stop at Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  There are some places you see that you could spend the whole day admiring.  This is one of them.  It was simply gorgeous, breathtaking, beautiful,…..I ran out of descriptive adjectives!  As the light played off of the canyon walls, creating shadows and lighting up other areas with color, well, you just can’t take enough pictures!


We ended the day watching the sun set over Yellowstone Lake.  Calm, serene, peaceful, tranquil,……beautiful Yellowstone.





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