Colorado Aspens


It’s peak leaf season in the mountains of Colorado.  We have our son and his lovely new bride to thank for choosing this time of year to get married.  Nothing quite compares to the beauty of golden aspens in the Rockies in autumn.  After a summer of gray stone and green pine, the aspens delight us all with a burst of yellow, washing the mountainsides with brilliant color.  What an artist our Creator is!  He could have given us a black and white world, but instead God blessed our lives with color.

Our drive up and over Monarch Pass on US 50 gave us our first taste of colorful Colorado fall aspen gold.

Aspens line US 50 on the way towards Monarch Pass

After church on Sunday, we headed up to Crested Butte and decided to drive over Kebler Pass on Highway 12.  Choosing this drive on a weekend was good timing since roadwork is being done on Hwy 12 Monday-Friday resulting in delays of up to two hours at a time.  The road itself is packed dirt with a few twists and turns, but easily negotiated.  The highlight of the trip was driving through the largest aspen grove in the world.  Aspen trees multiply by sending out runners that take root and sprout up more aspens.  What is absolutely amazing is that every tree in this grove is connected by ONE root system!  That makes it the world’s largest living organism, surpassing that of the blue whale!  WOW!


The first week in October, we drove Rt 65 up to Grand Mesa and saw some color, but a storm a few days earlier had blanketed the ground with snow and blew all the leaves down at the highest elevation.  From a high vantage point, we were able to look out over the valley and see the progress of autumn as it marched its way down the mountain.

Grand Mesa—and yes, that’s snow on the ground


Every season in Colorado has its own beauty and splendor, but the aspens in autumn are breathtaking.



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