Our drive up the 101



It was January and we were wrapping up our time on the central coast of California.  We had considered spending the rest of the winter playing in the Southwest.  However, our Seattle kids needed some babysitting help and who could turn down spending time with a sweet little granddaughter?  So, instead of heading south we turned our eyes northward.  Traveling up the I-5 would be a straight shot, but it was January and we knew we would have several mountain passes to cross.  Even though the highway department does an excellent job keeping that main artery clear, we just didn’t want to risk running into a snowstorm.  Wasn’t that one of the reasons we had left Ohio???  Plus, we have driven that 1,000-mile I-5 route at least 3 times and wanted to see something new.  After pouring over the map and reading LOTS of internet info, we decided to take the 101 from Santa Maria, California, along the Oregon coast, around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state and on into the Seattle area.  We allotted two weeks for the trip as there is much to see and do along the way and we wanted to give ourselves extra time in case the weather got too dicey.

Since it was such a lengthy trip with many stops this 101 blog post will have several parts.  You can anticipate walking amongst the California Redwoods, visiting some of the quaint coastal towns, hiking through the Ho Rainforest, and experiencing an stormy winter Pacific Ocean.  For now, enjoy these few photo “teasers.”

The Ho Rainforest
The Oregon Dunes
Cape Perpetua
Native American culture on the Olympic Peninsula
Magnificent Redwoods
Delicious seafood!

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