Starved Rock State Park


It’s mid-January and throughout most of the country the predominant colors outside your window are probably white, brown, and gray.   This time of year my soul yearns for green, lots of green.  So, even though our visit to Starved Rock State Park occurred in August 2015, I’m needing some cool, lush, Midwestern green and perhaps you are, too.


Starved Rock State Park was our first major stop after leaving our Ohio home when we began our full-time rv life in 2015.  I hadn’t written about it yet primarily because when we switched computers from our desktop to the laptop, the file that contained those photos went MIA.  We were heartsick.  We searched everywhere for months with no success.  Finally, late last summer, my dear hubby found them!  Yay!   So, now at last I can share a slice of beauty from the Illinois countryside.

Starved Rock, the formation from which the park derives its name.

Starved Rock State Park is located along the Illinois River, approximately 100 miles SW of Chicago.  The park got its name from a Native American legend about a tribe of Illiniwek Indians who became trapped on one of the high sandstone bluffs and were starved out by a warring tribe.  The park is home to 18 canyons and 13 miles of hiking trails, all in beautiful forested land.

Starved Rock offers lots of recreation, from camping to boating, from hiking to fishing.  The park also has a beautiful refurbished lodge with over 70 rooms, a restaurant, and conference facilities.

But the big draw for us was the hiking.  We hiked several of the canyon trails through thick forests and beautiful pools of water.   If our visit had occurred in spring, we would have enjoyed abundant waterfalls due to the snow melt and spring rains.  But we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the woods and the many overlooks that provided scenic views of the Illinois River.

Love these canyon walls, MINUS the graffiti. I wish some people had more respect for nature.
In spring, this is a full-flowing waterfall

Aren’t these tree roots fascinating?  I’m thinking I need to publish a separate blog post just on ROOTS!

The Illinois River

And there’s your slice of Midwestern green on this gray January day.  May it soothe, enrich, delight, and stir your soul!  Spring is only 66 days away!


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