Those Gray January Days


There are some days in winter when I don’t think I can handle one more day of gray.  The nights are so long, the skies are so overcast,….no wonder so many animals hibernate this time of year.  But, we humans don’t have that luxury.  So to pick up my spirits I immerse myself in color.  Maybe this promise of “what is to come” will lift your spirits, too.

Sunset paints Rainbow Canyon

I’m so thankful God created flowers.  His creativity shines forth in the multitude of sizes, colors, and shapes.  It won’t be long until we can dig in the dirt and coax some to bloom or wander through a botanical garden that is overflowing with blossoms.

How blessed we are to live in a world of color!  God could have placed us in a black and white world, but He lavished on us a plethora of vibrant and muted shades that bring us pleasure.

And there’s your bit of color to help you through this long winter’s night.  Be of good cheer, Spring will soon be here!


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